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Summarice of my technical knowledge, ways of working and opportunity to enhance your businnes.

Strategy & Concept

Most important in every project is the solid strategy. An early discussion in a workshop situation to find your focus, and to generate the jointly understanding of your business and our work is recommended.
The need for this is correlated to your project size. A clean/simple marketing solution without interactivity has doubtless no effort for big concept papers. But many projects i was involved claimed to generate financial benefits.
These target is clear, getting there is not really easy.
Many ideas are copies. Very hard to beatup Marketleaders.
If your business plan is based on revenue from Advertising i´m often justifiably skeptic. Simply put: If you earn no money, you cant’t pay your bills. I won’t develop bankruptcy concepts but i will tell you why. And maybe i got some idea to let your idea fly high.

Coding & Workflow

Professional developing of software since 1998. I saw and did so many “things”;)

Scripting coding
Object Orientated Coding
GIT or SVN prefered
Mantis as Bugtracking prefered
Composer, NPM
Virtualisation & Rapid Deployment
Agile Development
Scrum Teamplayer
OpenSource lover / ClosedSource sceptical
Archeology, repairing, maintain and develop applications far behind current software standards

Custom Software

Special requirements need exact solutions.

Using widespread and common OpenSource Frameworks and solutions i can develop close to your needs. If you have the will (this means time and money) we can build a product that´s your baby. If you want to invest less money possible this is not the right way. Fresh software, by nature, is never perfect and the trick is to plan it flexible enough and develop it in an agile way to meet all your requirements. Professionel Software development needs a customer which is able and willed to dive deep into his business, data and rolemodel. If the software is planned to be used outside the company (buyers of your business) there is a need for Design and UE experts too.
Often I´m part of a bigger team also be able to lead these process from the prorgammers view.

OS (installation, and creating maintainable subjects)

Linux in Serverroles
Windows in Serverroles (special creating proper Opensource Environments)
Windows in Workstationroles
Android for Mobilesolutions

Development Software

I try to use as much OpenSource possible. Some Examples i use most in my Desktop environment.

Tortoise SVN

Languages, Standards and Skills

SQL (MySql, PostgreSQL)
Perl (not active)
Zope (not active)
Java (not active and hater)
Joomla (no recommendation)


Damn. a revolution hit us.

My approach is: Use it, Face risks, Understand it´s never free. Size and quality is for the maintainer cost intensive. If it doesn´t cost you a cent, your data is sold or used in a way you maybe dont´t like.
Law aspects have to be mentioned too. To violate DSG in Austria is relativly easy. Maybe not often persecuted.
It´s seldom, but happened already: Companies or Services may disappear surprising. Threaten your businessmodell!

Many Advantages also exist!

No initial investment, just monthly payments. Often within simple plans
Services often are well tested. Benefit of a bigger company for support options
You don´t own software, make sure be able to migrate your data
More or less flexible Service depending on the provider
Every IT aspect available.
Virtulized Servers host your customized software
In exchange of relativly good inhouse Datasecurity (your responsability) you get high Physicalsecurity and Datasecurity you can´t manage but rely on.


Gerald Urbas

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