IT stuff that I can do for you


PHP; Python, Shell, Perl and some more
Databases and Data Migrations
System Setup with LTS configurations
Intense Wordpress Customizations
Custom Shop systems
CakePHP Backends and integrations
Ansible Automations
Virtual Infrastructure
OPNsense Firewalls


I often hear "I just like to have something simple..."

Bad news: Too often your problems are not easy at all. Even if individual parts and aspects are actually installed in a few minutes, the task of connecting many individual parts and successfully operating them over the long term is definitely not easy.

It is my job to give you, as a responsible customer, the tools to make sustainable decisions.

In order to achieve that its mandatory to ask you a lot. I Try to get everyone necessary involved and ask them a lot;)

I explain complex relationships well with the help of appropriate metaphors. But also negotiate correctly with hardcore IT guys.

System operations

Thanks to my 25 years of expertise with complex systems and heterogeneous environments, I can take on a wide range of operations in your computer system and manage them reliably.

in addition, I can analyze your existing IT and identify weak points in order to find sensible, long-lasting solutions to the problem

IT archaeology

Many old IT systems implemented in the past lack documentation. Finding out what is really happening there is what I like to call archaeology. Finding out where data or programs are located and capturing the interaction of the systems is often not that easy. Prototypes were often used in productive operation.

Findings from this process are the basis for making further decisions.